Heavy-duty 3-phase heat inductor from Laser Tools

Heavy-duty 3-phase heat inductor from Laser Tools

Thursday 01 February 2024
Laser’s new 18KW Liquid-Cooled Heat Inductor (part number 8732), is a powerful and versatile tool designed for heating larger metal masses. It serves a wide range of applications, making it ideal for industrial use, particularly in heavy goods vehicle maintenance and industrial assemblies. 

With an 18KW capacity, this heat inductor provides substantial heating power, making it suitable for heating larger metal components. It creates a high-intensity flameless heat to provide a quick and simple method of loosening seized or corroded metal components such as nuts and bolts, track rod ends, pivot-pins, bearings and exhausts, etc. Ideal for straightening and bending tasks, including HGV chassis, steel pins, and bearing components. Pre-heating for welding: it can be used to pre-heat large weld areas before welding to ensure optimal welding conditions. And also excellent for alignment correction: particularly useful for heating larger areas such as beam axles and HGV chassis rails to correct alignment issues.

The heat inductor is equipped with a liquid cooling system, ensuring efficient and continuous operation even during extended heating tasks. This feature helps prevent overheating and ensures durability. The flameless technology and zero set-up times assure a speedy job and excellent results, and the 4.25 metre long inductor cable ensures flexibility in reaching various workpieces. 

Power Requirements: The heat inductor requires a 400V, 3-phase, 50Hz power supply, and the unit is CE and UKCA compliant, meeting essential safety and quality standards.

In summary, the 18KW Liquid-Cooled Heat Inductor is a robust and efficient tool designed for various industrial heating applications. Its high power output, user-friendly controls, and safety features make it an invaluable asset for professionals involved in metalworking, vehicle maintenance, and industrial assembly tasks.

Now available for purchase from your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.